Montpelier Motor Speeway

By Matt Davis


It was a long trip up to Montpelier, but well worth the trip for exciting UMRA racing.  In the first heat of eight laps around the ¼ mile dirt track at Montpelier Motor Speedway there were seven drivers in this race.  Bobby Walton driving the #8 TQ Midget which is owned by Fred Steed showed up late and did not make it out for the Hot Laps.  Once that #8 car pulled out of the pits, and hit the track for the first heat he owned the track taking an easy win.  Due to an electrical malfunction the #10 car driven by Ron Hamm had to pull into the infield and not finish the race.  Trent Henderson battled his way from the third row giving the fans an exciting second place finish.  Patrick Wolf started alone in Row 4 to capture the third place spot for Heat #1.

Immediately following that race was six more UMRA TQ Midgets ready to take the track.  Already mentioned six cars started and only four could cross the finish line.  Jason Goff in the #96 car owned by Oogie Goff commanded this heat leading pretty much all eight laps.  Eric Fehrman had to be towed to the pits half way through when he lost a wheel in turn four.  He found himself in a tangle battling for second place with Terry Goff.   Terry Goff ended up finishing in second place, while Ron Combs in the #50 car finished in third place.  A flat tire took Nick Speidel to the pits, although he second guessed trying to finish Heat #2 running with a flat.

The feature race brought these racers all out for an exciting clean 25 lap race.  The race track brought bad luck to two drivers the #5 Kevin Blue, and #21 Nick Speidel could not cross the finish line.  However, the #15 car of the winner Terry Goff was running flawlessly.  Terry pretty much dominated all 25 laps of this race.  His son, Jason Goff who finished in second place was the only racer that came close to catching the leader.  Trent Henderson and Ron Combs battled all 25 laps for third and fourth places.  At the end of the race the #35 car driven by Henderson crossed the line first to take third place.  Two Rookies had a tough night at Montpelier Motor Speedway.  Once their cars get dialed in Devin Fairchild and Tristan Maggart will give the veterans of the UMRA a run for their money!

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