Montpelier Highlights

By Matt Davis

The UMRA was welcomed once again as the guest atMontpelier, and all eyes were on the skies this past week. The biggest question of the night, was will it rain?  Mother Nature did not cooperate with the race fans Saturday Night.  The rain did not cancel racing, but it did put a damper on spirits of fans and drivers.  Once the rain finally passed through, and the track was worked over three times it was time for TQ Midget Racing.


The United Midget Racing Association gave the fans ofMontpelierthree exciting heat races, and one unbelievable 25 lap feature race.  In the first heat race there were six cars battling for the checker flag.  As the rain moved through the drivers had a hard time blocking the sun coming out of turn four.  Jason Goff had more than the sun giving him troubles.  With two laps to go his engine blew up taking him to the pits.  Trent Henderson had the pole position, and this advantage helped him to an easy first place finish.  Chris Mann driving car #24 started outside row three and finished in second.  While Nick Speidel finished in third place.  Rookie Devin Fairchild and Kyle May struggled in the first heat, but still finished in four and fifth places.

The second heat race had two rookies of the UMRA starting in the first row.  Tristan Maggart in #08 had the pole, and #51 Chaz Vanosdol was on the outside row one.  But these two rookies could not match the experience that Terry Goff brings to the UMRA track.  Terry started outside row three, and it did not take him long to pass Tristan and take over first place.  Travis Welpot and the #2 car owned by Oogie Goff blew an engine.  Team Oogie Goff had a rough night atMontpelierthis blown engine was the second of the night.  After eight clean laps in heat two Terry Goff scored another win to his records.  Eric Fehrman finished in second place.  The two rookies finished off the pack with Vanosdol in third and Maggart in fourth.


The third and final heat was another great eight lap race for the fans.  Racing came to a halt in a scary moment when Dustin Weldon flipped his number #35w TQ midget in turn four.  This happened early in the race bringing out a Red Flag.  Dustin walked away from the wreck, and fans applauded when he gave a wave when he was in the wrecker driving back to the pits.  Rick Robinson in car #12 was the man to catch in heat three, and no racer could catch him.  He drove himself to an easy victory.  Scot Quintel was the only racer that came close to catching the leader, but still fell short finishing in second place.  Ron Hamm who had the pole position finished in third place, and Bobby Walton captured fourth place.


The 25 lap feature race was one for the record books.  The UMRA brought out 17 drivers and all were full of adrenaline.  The big shock of the night was when Terry Goff in car #15 did not race, and gave his car to his son Jason Goff to race the feature.  Jason had to start at the back of the 17 car field of racers.  Nick Speidel in car #21 had the pole position and dominated the race. Chris Mann and Rick Robinson battled for second and third spots behind the leader.  At the half way point of the race Jason Goff had fought his way to fifth place after spinning out early.  Ron Hamm and Eric Fehrman were also in the top five spots running great races.  Still, nobody could catch Nick Speidel.  With two laps to go Jason Goff was running neck and neck with the second place car of Chris Mann trying to catch Speidel.  When the white flag dropped all eyes were on Speidel to capture the checker flag. When he entered into turn two Speidel lost all speed, and Jason Goff was right there to take the lead.  Jason Goff had started last, and in the final lap passed Speidel and took home the victory.  Jason showed a true testament that no racer should ever give up no matter where you start in a race.   It was also a very proud moment for father and son at the finish line when UMRA president presented Goff with the feature trophy.  Chris Mann finished in second place, Rick Robinson in third, and Ron Hamm in fourth.  Unfortunately all the drivers would not finish the race.  Jon Steed had a rough night staling out and pulling into the pits early.  Brayton Leisure half way through the 25 laps also called it a night, and Kyle May entered the infield not finishing.


This feature race is what The UMRA is all about, and that is excitement!  See you race fans June 9, 2012 out inNew CastleatMt.Lawn.


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