Anderson Highlights

By Matt Davis


Driving to Anderson Speedway on Saturday afternoon I had the radio off, and was collecting my thoughts before the big race.  While thinking I knew two things; one it is going to be cold when the sun goes down and two I have never been to the Anderson Speedway.  Pulling into the gravel parking lot I instantly got a feel for what this track was going to be about.  It was going to be loud, fast, exciting, and cold!  Words cannot describe the intensity of the cars racing top speed around “The World’s Fastest High Banked Quarter Mile Oval”.  It is an experience one must feel in person to understand what I felt Saturday.


The Super Modified Series was on hand with their Twin 50’s to put on an amazing show, and this is truly a must see event!  But, in my opinion the midgets are just as exciting.  Saturday at Anderson Speedway there were the Mel Kenyon Midgets and the UMRA Three Quarter Midgets.  Hector the Police Dog and his handler were on hand from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department to put on a display.  After watching Hector run down the volunteer in the safe padded suit, I have to tell you it is not a good idea to try and out run a police K-9 dog, period!


The UMRA TQ Midgets had plenty of time to practice prior to qualifying action, and all cars were looking good throughout practice.  There were a couple of driver changes made to in the UMRA for the Anderson Race.  Scott Petry was back to pilot the blue and white #35 TQ Midget owned by Terry Goff.  Travis Welpott settled himself in the #2 TQ Midget owned by Oogie Goff.  We also had a chance to see Oogie drive tonight as he and Jason Goff switched race cars.  That’s right Oogie drove the #96 car, and Jason drove the #19 car which is normally driven buy Eric Fehrman.

During qualifying action a huge accomplishment for Kevin Blue and his #4 car when he recorded a lap time of 12.894.  Kevin has been improving week by week through out the year.  Terry Goff tried his best to beat Blue’s time, but could not do it with a 12.917.  Jason Goff had the third best time with a 13.062, and the rookie Tristan Maggart impressed the fans with his age and a lap time of 13.384.


There was some down time between qualifying action and the Feature Race.  This gave drivers a chance to make needed adjustments to their cars, and also to get warmed up with some hot soup.


When it was time for the 25 Lap Feature, you could tell these drivers of the UMRA were out to win and impress the crowd.  Kevin Blue held the Pole Position, and the “Asphalt Genius” Terry Goff was right beside in Row 1.  Jason Goff and Tristan Maggart were right behind in Row 2.  Unfortunately, Robbie Roland and his yellow and blue #78 experienced some mechanical difficulties and would not see the track.


When the green flag was dropped it was Kevin Blue out to an early lead.  But, it would only take three laps for Terry Goff to pass Blue.  Tristan Maggart tried to hold on tight to third spot, but had Oogie Goff and Jason Goff right on his tail.  In Lap 11 Jason Goff had to pull into the infield when he blew his engine between turns one and two.  Terry Goff with each lap pulled further and further away from the pack.  This left Kevin Blue, Tristan Maggart, and Oogie Goff battling for second and third.  It was in Lap 18 that the rookie passed Goff and the #19 TQ Midget to take over third place.  The Feature Race was a text book 25 lap race of no cautions, and no accidents.  It was an outstanding job for all UMRA Drivers.  At the end of the 25 laps Terry Goff was able to extend his impressive resume with another Feature Win.  Kevin Blue held off for a second place finish.  The Rookie Tristan Maggart and his #08 car went the entire race with his Maggart name plate hanging on by one screw to collect a third place finish.  It was Oogie Goff near behind Maggart with a fourth place finish.


There is only one race left in the UMRA 2012 Season, and I hope to see you there in Kokomo on October 19, 2012!

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